Using iMovie for Language Education

Hello everyone, my presentation today for Assignment 3 focuses on using iMovie in the classroom. Teaching students how to use iMovie is relatively easy and works great alongside project-based instruction, and if planned correctly, affords students the possibility to present their work in authentic contexts in and out of the classroom. As you might guess, I am framing the use of iMovie in an ecological classroom, where the classroom environment encourages and supports awareness, learner autonomy, authenticity, group work, creativity, experimentation, and language learning.

This past summer, I’ve seen my students improve their 4 skills as they made various short films for different purposes. I have also enjoyed observing their excitement, creativity and team work while they independently worked on their projects (with my support and coaching when needed, of course).

For today’s session, I am drawing from practical articles on the use of film in the language learning classroom, as well as in education in general. Below is a brief annotated bibliography:

(coming soon)

Here are the links to some of my student’s iMovie and Window’s Movie Maker projects (you might have to do some surfing on their blogs to find the posts with movies on them, but take your time, they’re a joy to read):

2 Responses to “Using iMovie for Language Education”
  1. meltemdc says:

    Mike, your hands-on demonstration on how to use iMovie was very helpful and fun!! Thanks again. I also love the idea to incorporate movie making projects into the curriculum. I got many great ideas in this course and from all of you. Maybe one day, if i teach again, I will be able to incorporate them all into my classes.

  2. gh52km42 says:

    Mike, first of all, I appreciate that you shared valuable information with us. I have not use technologies assertively in teaching English. But, I got some ideas from your demonstration and wanted to take advantage of technologies someday.

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