Watch the documentary "Objectified" !

I’m in the middle of watching this documentary on the objects in our daily lives. From combs, chairs and toothbrushes, to laptops and cell phones, each object’s design tells a story. Right from the beginning, the documentary talks about how objects communicate a person’s intentions when they were designing it. Seriously, each object’s designer has a particular intention, and the story their product tells relates to communication in interesting ways. If you are looking for cool metaphors for language or want to challenge your students to see the connections between verbal language and non-verbal language (relates to van Lier’s ideas about semiotics, affordance, perception, etc.) then you may love this documentary. Check it out on Netflix, or purchase it. I will!

Here’s the trailor:

One Response to “Watch the documentary "Objectified" !”
  1. pshaw48 says:

    Looks fascinating: it reminds me that knowing another language fundamentally involves learning a lot of new words and that many of them relate to objects in the world, sometimes items that exist in the target culture but not in the students’ own culture. So by working with artefacts, we can engage with those differences and the way words are used in the TL.

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