My Passion for Teaching…

Hi everybody! So PJ and I thought that it would be beneficial for everyone, especially us, to identify what inspires you to teach before we get going on our workshop. We want to know what you are passionate about, and what it is about teaching that makes you challenge yourself? What moves you, and I … Continue reading

John Cleese documentary for you and your class

Ever watch The Human Face? It’s a miniseries/documentary hosted by John Cleese. It discusses the human face, with a bit of humor, culture, history, biology, and psychology, not to mention human communication. Watch it on Netflix or buy it, it’s worth it. While you’re doing that, think about how you could use it for a future … Continue reading

Tell us about your transformative teaching & learning experience

Transformative teaching and learning refers to a rational and emotional experience where teachers and students reevaluate their assumptions through critical reflection. You can find out more about transformative learning, for teachers and students, who are truly both one and the same, by following this link: Yes, it is a wikipedia link, and some of you … Continue reading