My Passion for Teaching…

Hi everybody!

So PJ and I thought that it would be beneficial for everyone, especially us, to identify what inspires you to teach before we get going on our workshop. We want to know what you are passionate about, and what it is about teaching that makes you challenge yourself? What moves you, and I don’t mean just emotionally and figuratively, but literally, too.

I hope the value of identifying to yourself  your passion for teaching is self evident. I believe that tapping into that passion every time I design a lesson, a syllabus, or a curriculum is crucial to my well-being as a teacher. So, in light of that, lets get to reflecting about our ‘go juice,’ our  ‘passion punch,’ our….help me here, I’m running out of bad metaphors 🙂

For me, I know that there are a number of things about teaching that I’m passionate about, but one of the things at the top of my list is helping students to feel alive, to feel valuable, and to feel worthwhile, for themselves and for their community. I was reminded of this while searching online for photographs of people’s faces having ‘aha moments,’ you know, those moments of lucidity, where the understanding of an idea hits you smack in the face, “Aha!” So, as I searched, I ran into a set of videos about ‘aha moments,’ oddly enough on an insurance website. Check all the videos out at the Mutual of Omaha website (this link is particularly for education).

The two videos that grabbed my attention the most were Positive Words and Giving Lunches. Watch them both below. I love the way Lawrence was so energized by the positive feedback. I feel like his peer’s responses to his art were life changing for him. As a teacher, I want to facilitate discussions like the one he describes. It’s important to remind myself the positive impact I can have on my student’s lives, and more importantly, that it’s ‘not all about me,’ but about my students instead. Steve’s story picks up right where that feeling and idea leave off. He reminds me that teachers don’t have a monopoly on teaching, and that it’s important to open myself up to learning from my students as well.

Positive Words

Giving Lunches (follow the link)

So, what are you passionate about, what inspires you to teach, what inspired you to become a teacher?


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