Theoretical Support for Project-based Learning

Over the past year, I have been learning a lot about assigning project work to my students. I’ve been interested in project work ever since the fourth grade, when I worked with my dad on a project for Mrs. Farrell’s science class. I researched the process of drilling for oil in the ocean and my … Continue reading

John Cleese documentary for you and your class

Ever watch The Human Face? It’s a miniseries/documentary hosted by John Cleese. It discusses the human face, with a bit of humor, culture, history, biology, and psychology, not to mention human communication. Watch it on Netflix or buy it, it’s worth it. While you’re doing that, think about how you could use it for a future … Continue reading

Making Movies in the Learning Environment

It’s been a long time! This post is for my practical presentation on using movie making in the classroom. You could adapt any of the following resources particularly for project-based learning, or you could take parts and use it as part of another approach. To begin with, here is a link to the movies you … Continue reading

Using iMovie for Language Education

Hello everyone, my presentation today for Assignment 3 focuses on using iMovie in the classroom. Teaching students how to use iMovie is relatively easy and works great alongside project-based instruction, and if planned correctly, affords students the possibility to present their work in authentic contexts in and out of the classroom. As you might guess, … Continue reading