Watch the documentary "Objectified" !

I’m in the middle of watching this documentary on the objects in our daily lives. From combs, chairs and toothbrushes, to laptops and cell phones, each object’s design tells a story. Right from the beginning, the documentary talks about how objects communicate a person’s intentions when they were designing it. Seriously, each object’s designer has … Continue reading

Making Movies in the Learning Environment

It’s been a long time! This post is for my practical presentation on using movie making in the classroom. You could adapt any of the following resources particularly for project-based learning, or you could take parts and use it as part of another approach. To begin with, here is a link to the movies you … Continue reading

Using iMovie for Language Education

Hello everyone, my presentation today for Assignment 3 focuses on using iMovie in the classroom. Teaching students how to use iMovie is relatively easy and works great alongside project-based instruction, and if planned correctly, affords students the possibility to present their work in authentic contexts in and out of the classroom. As you might guess, … Continue reading

My students are sooooo quiet sometimes…

I’m still bothered by how quiet my students are in class when I want them to exhibit more energy. I want them to smile, laugh and talk more. Perhaps not all three, but at least one, a smirk and a quick comment. Today, I think I could have gotten more talk out of my technology … Continue reading