Beyond the Classroom

This page is designed to showcase the heart of our blog (in part inspired by our workshop, Beyond the Classroom: Creating a Practical and Transformative Teaching Curriculum) where we want to go beyond the classroom by sharing our ideas about creating a practical transformative curriculum.

We believe Peer Coaching and Creating a Supportive Community is at the heart of making a practical and transformative curriculum.

We would like to extend our positive experiences with Julian Edges’s Speaker Understander Model, Peer Coaching, and linking online with other teachers, like on a blog such as Practicum Voices.

One way of showcasing the heart of our workshop is by sharing with each other eye opening experiences we’ve had about our teaching. Below is a video I created for my practicum seminar at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. It shows how I learned to make my students’ learning the center of attention in class by talking less myself.


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